A taste of Marseille

If it were not for Covid-19, I would have spent my Easter holiday trekking around Marseille. Unfortunately, my trip was cancelled but I hope I will be able to do it next year. I have only been to Marseille once, on my way to Corsica. It was a long time ago, in 1993 to be precise.

Marseille is the second biggest city in France, first port of France and 5th biggest Port in Europe. It has 26 museums. The Massif des Calanques stretches over 20km from Marseille to Cassis.  It is a wonder of nature.

For those of you, who have Netflix, there is a series from 2016 called Marseille. It features famous French actor Gérard Depardieu.

Here’s my new menu:





Soupe au pistou

Pistou soup

Main course

Daube de boeuf marseillaise

Beef Daube Provençal

Vegetarian and Vegan option

Daube de légumes à la provençale

Daube of vegetable

Served with

Purée de pommes de terre

Vegan option

Vegan mashed potatoes


Navettes de Marseille à la fleur d’oranger

Marseille navettes with orange flower

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