Tour du Mont Blanc

Le Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB), is one of the most popular treks in Europe. It covers roughly 170 km and is usually done in nine to eleven days.  Most days a distance of around 15-17 km is covered with an ascent of 800 to 900 m and a similar descent. People usually walk the Tour in an anti-clockwise direction, but a few people (like me) do it in a clockwise direction.

It takes you through three countries: France, Switzerland and Italy. You can stay in hotels, auberges or refuges and you often have to sleep in big dormitories. It’ s a good way to meet people and make new friends. We met many American and Korean groups along the way but there were also many people from Spain and France.

The views at the top are absolutely stunning and people come from all over the world to join in the experience.  If you are looking for a new challenge, I highly recommend it! The views from the top are stunning, but it can be tough on the knees and calves, so you need a bit of preparation before you undertake the challenge!


A bientôt!

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