Role plays

Role playing is a useful teaching strategy and allows students to explore realistic situations in an authentic or semi authentic way by interacting with other students or in a one to one situation, with their tutor. They are often used when teaching languages and are an integral part of the French GCSE Exam.

Here is an example of an AQA GCSE Role play:

Instructions to candidates
Your teacher will play the part of your French friend and will speak first.
You should address your friend as tu.
When you see this – ! – you will have to respond to something you have not prepared.
When you see this – ? – you will have to ask a question.

Role play

Tu parles de ton collège avec ton ami(e) français(e).

Examiner: Et ton collège ?

Student: Ton collège – description (deux détails).

Examiner: Qu’est-ce que tu fais à midi ?

Student: say one thing you do at lunchtime.

Examiner: Qu’est-ce que tu penses des sciences ? …

Student:Sciences – ton opinion et une raison.

Examiner: Qu’est-ce que tu veux faire en septembre ?

Student: Projet – septembre (un détail).

There are many situations that can be role played. They usually involve more formal interaction than the example above. For example: ordering food in a restaurant, explaining symptoms to a doctor, booking a hotel room, asking a shop assistant for help or asking for directions in the street.

Below is an example of a role play at the restaurant:

Don’t worry about accuracy too much! Being able to get your message accross is more important!





  1. First, I’m proud to say I could read all the exercise questions you typed. (Answering them with any sophistication is another matter, however.)

    Second, I think that man in the restaurant was flirting with the waitress. 🙂

    Third, that video exercise gave me several useful phrases to record in the “useful phrases” section of my French notes: Faites-moi signe si…; …pour que ____ puissez _____; ne sera pas; tout de suite.


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