New Year’s Eve menu

Here is a typical French menu to celebrate the end of the year and welcome a new one. As usual, I have included vegeterian and vegan otpions so that everyone can be catered for. And here is a New Year’s Eve playlist  to accompany your evening. Don’t forget the traditional kiss under the mistletoe at midnight!

Apéritif / Appetizer

Sacristains au sésame et pavot

Black and white puff pastry sticks

Vegetarian and vegan option

Feuilletés vegan au pesto

Pâte feuilletée vegan

Vegan spinach puffs

 Vegan puff pastry

Entrée / Starter

Toasts de foie gras au chutney de mangue

Duck foie gras with French toasts and mango chutney

Vegan option

Toasts de foie gras vegan

Vegan faux gras on toasts

Plat principal / Main course

Blancs de Poulet au morilles et au vin jaune

Chicken breasts with morels and vin jaune

Vegetarian and vegan option

Poelée de seitan morilles et vin blanc

Morel mushroom vegetable sauté

Served with

Pommes de terres rissolées

Sautéed potatoes


Haricots verts à l’ail

French beans with garlic


Ratafia de fruits rouges

Red fruit salad with white balsamic

Bonne appétit et bonne année 2019!


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