A taste of Auvergne

Today I will take you to the Auvergne region, right in the middle of France. Here are three quick facts about this region.

Auvergne is known for its mountain ranges and dormant volcanoes. Together the Monts Dore and the Chaîne des Puys include 80 volcanoes.

The French government headed by Marechal Petain moved to Vichy after the German occupation of Paris.

Clermont-Ferrant is famous for being the home of Michelin Tyres.

The film I recommend today is Les Choristes, realised in 2004 was mainly shot in Auvergne during the very hot summer of 2003.


Apéritif / Appetizer

Pounti auvergnat

Auvergne Pounti

Vegetarian and vegan option

Pounti végétalien

Walnut prune loaf

Entrée / Starter

Salade de roquette poires at bleu d’auvergne

Rocket, pear and blue cheese salad

Vegan option

Salade de roquette aux poires et noix

Pear and walnut salad

Plat principal / Main course

Palette demi-sel aux lentilles

One-pot roast pork and lentil braise

Vegetarian and vegan option

Potée de lentilles et pommes de terre

One-pot vegetable and lentil braise

Served with

Carottes Vichy

Vichy carrots


Pain d’épices au miel d’auvergne

Spices and honey gingerbread

I hope you will enjoy this new menu. Bon appétit!

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