French Escapade

I am writing this post while waiting for my flight in Saint Exupery airport after a short weekend in France , where I had a wonderful time celebrating my niece’s 18th birthday. It is  always a pleasure going back to my roots and spending time with my family.

It was a typically French weekend with never-ending meals, accompanied by vast amounts of delicious wine, highly jovial conversation and light-hearted laughter as well as lots of small children running riot around the house!

My parents live in a small town called Neuville-sur-Saône. It is situated 15km north of Lyon and has around 7,000 inhabitants.  As I do not have a lot of time before I board the plane, instead of writing, I am going to post a few photos. As they say, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

So here are my photos from my French escapade this weekend!

I must go to my gate now. It’s back to the UK until next time at Christmas…


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