A taste of Normandy

Today my menu takes you to the north of France in the beautiful Normandy Region.

Normandy is famous throughout the world for its WWII D-Day beaches and WWI battlefields and cemeteries.

The top most visited sites in Normandy by American travellers include the Abbey of Mon-Saint-Michel and Giverny, depicted in many of Claude Monet’s paintings, particularly the water lily series.

Dieppe is the oldest sea resort in France and a short drive down the coast lies the village of Etretat, situated between magnificent white cliffs.

Honfleur is considered the birthplace of impressionist painting. This charming harbour village, with narrow timbered houses dates from the 11th century, and has always attracted artists, among them Monet and the poet Baudelaire.

An the film I have chosen today to accompany the menu is La Disparue de Deauville. A 2007 film with Sophie Marceau et Christophe Lambert.

Apéritif / Appetizer

Frites de légumes

Root vegetable chips

Entrée / Starter

Salade de betteraves rouges crues

Raw beetroot salad

Plat principal / Main course

Rôti de porc au cidre et aux pommes

Pork roast with apples and cider vinegar

Vegetarian and vegan option

Ragoût végétarien au cidre

Apple cider roasted root vegetables

Served with

Pommes de terres rôties au four

Crispy roast potatoes


Fondue de poireaux

Sautéed leeks


Mirlitons de Rouen

Mirlitons de Rouen

Vegan option

Gâteau normand aux pommes

Vegan apple cake

Enjoy this menu. Bon appétit!

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