A taste of Paris

Here is another menu for you to discover France through its regional dishes. Today we are going to Paris. I am sure you already know quite a lot about Paris, but here are a few facts about the French capital:

  • Le Musée du Louvre is the most popular museum in the world, with 9 million visitors a year.
  • The most visited monument is Notre Dame Cathedral, which attracts 12 million visitors per year, while the Tour Eiffel ‘only’ attracts 7.
  • La Place de la Concorde is the biggest sundial in the world.
  • Le Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris, dating back to the 17th century.
  • There is only one stop sign in the whole city.

Now, to complement the menu today, I have selected the 2006 film is Paris, Je t’aime. It is an anthology  made of 18 short films representing 18 of the 20 Paris Arrondissements. A good way to discover Paris.

Apéritif / Appetizer

Mini bouchées à la reine

Mini creamy mushroom vol-au-vents

Vegan option

Mini bouchées à la reine vegan

Vegan mushroom vol-au-vents

Entrée / Starter

Céleri rémoulade

Celeriac remoulade

Vegan option

Vegan celeriac remoulade

Plat principal / Main course

Navarin d’agneau

Navarin of lamb

Vegetarian and vegan option

Navarin de légumes

Tarragon potato stew


Mousse au chocolat

Mousse au chocolat

Vegan option

Mousse au chocolat vegan

Vegan chocolate pots

I hope you will enjoy this menu. Bon appétit!





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