A taste of Savoie

Here is another menu to discover France through its regional dishes. Even if you live far away from The French Alps, you can enjoy a little taste of this region with the following Alpine menu that I have created for you. By clicking on the links, you will find the recipes in French or in English.  I have also included vegetarian and vegan options.

And if you want to discover the amazing landscapes of the Alps, you can watch Belle et Sébastien, which is set in a picturesque village in the French Alps.

Aperitif / Appetizer

Plateau de charcuterie

Charcuterie board

Vegetarian and vegan option

Pâté de betteraves et toasts

Beetroot paté and toasts

Entrée / Starter

Salade aux endives pommes et noix

Apple, walnut and endive salad

Plat principal / Main course



vegetarian and vegan option 

Polenta crèmeuse aux champignons

Creamy polenta with mushrooms


Gratin Dauphinois

Dauphinoise potatoes

Vegan option

Gratin dauphinois vegan

Vegan dauphinoise potatoes

Served with

Petits pois

Braised peas


Tarte aux myrtilles

Blueberry tart

Vegan option

Tarte aux myrtilles vegan

Vegan Blueberry tart

Bon appétit et à bientôt pour un autre menu.

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