Spelling differences

There are many words which are very similar in French and English but have a slightly different spelling. If like me you switch from one language to the other constantly, then it’s easy to make mistakes. I get confused all the time!

Here are a few examples:

accordéon / accordion

adresse / address

bagage / baggage

caractère / character

carotte / carrot

connexion / connection

confortable / comfortable

coton / cotton

environnement / environment

exemple / example

girafe / giraffe

garde / guard

galerie / gallery

guitare / guitar

garantie / guarantee

gril / grill

indépendance / independence

littérature / literature

loterie / lottery

mariage / marriage

protocole / protocol

trafic / traffic

yogourt / yogurt


  1. Alas, I’ve never been comfortable speaking even in my native tongue. It has always been the written word for me. Yet, it is very important to me to improve. I do read quite a bit. I’ve discovered some wonderful French authors, and of course le journal every morning. However, the people in my little village are so kind.

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